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Expertise. Technological integrity. Best of breed equipment. In a world shifting faster and faster toward high-end digital systems, Jordan Technical Services provides internationally-recognized service in this critical industry. Converging digital media? We can help you. MPEG 4 video/audio compression? We can do it. IPTV Multicasting? We have that experience. Everything from installing and maintaining digital systems to developing turnkey solutions. In short, the experience we've acquired over the years that we have been on the cutting edge of digital technology has given us the leadership to guide your project to its optimum resolution.

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The Latest Update

INTERNET BROADCASTING! Yes, we now have Internet broadcast products that, when combined with our mobile satellite service, enables you to broadcast a live event. The receiving locations need only have high speed Internet access.

The cost? Considerably less than other IPTV webcast providers.

Check with us and be surprised at the economy and value of sending your event live around the world (or just to your extended family).

Want to see the event on TV? We can utilize the same technology to create a custom IPTV network channel whose signal can travel through a set top box to any TV.

Contact me and I'll be happy to discuss this exciting technology with you.

John Jordan



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