About Jordan Technical Services

Our Mission
Jordan Technical Services LLC provides field engineering and customer technical support functions for digital television integration companies.

Our Advantages
Lower costs for field engineering and customer technical support
Subcontract with us for only the time and support needed by your end users
Nationwide coverage thanks to our network of technicians
Ability to communicate effectively with your employees - from your IT professionals to your non-technical company decision-makers
Quick response time

Our Experience
We have over 25 valuable years in the industry, but we don't rest on past experience. Due to the rapid technological changes in our industry, our employees receive approximately 100 hours of education every year. We're global - in addition to the United States, we have implemented solutions and systems in such places as Kyrgyzstan, Grand Cayman, and Frankfurt.

Our Techologies
Jordan Technical Services is positioned to take your company through the complex world of converging digital media technologies. We have strong, real-world experience with the following:
MPEG 4 H264 video/audio compression
Multiple modulation schemes:
     - QPSK          - 8VSB
     - 8PSK           - ATSC
     - QAM  
PSIP regeneration
Video servers for digital ad insertion
IPTV multicasting
Voice over IP (VOIP)
High speed data transfer
MPEG 2 DVB S2 uplink systems

Our Certifications
Low voltage license
Numerous industry certifications

Our Clients
A partial list of our clients:

Tangerine Global                                                        Safeway Inc.
        - Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula                              SUNY
Pathfinder Digital                                                        Prodelin
Satellite Engineering Group                                         SE Patriot
        - Firestone Communications                                  Harmonic
Big Band Networks
        - Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox
Superior Satellite Engineers
TBC Integration

As you can see, we are able to provide you with support for equipment from multiple vendors. You can give your customers complete turnkey support designed for their specific needs. This means a single phone call when time is critical. You have a need - we have a solution.